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I'm going to leave comments open on this post to see if there would be any interest in Spring Fashion Week. Are you in?

I know I said a couple weeks ago that I wanted to slowly stop posting about my kids. with Owsley is interesting. And I'm sure someone reading this is also dealing with a rambunctious kid. (So hang in there mama!) I didn't expect my two boys to be just alike, because my brothers and I are pretty different when it comes to certain things. But anyone that has spent time with both of my kids will always comment on how my boys are polar opposites.

When Gage was Owsley's age, he was still timid and scared of everything. I could trust him to entertain himself and not get into trouble if I was in another room. On the other hand, Owsley is absolutely fearless, and I cannot take my eyes off of him for ten seconds. He's always had a mischievous nature, but it seems like over the last couple of months it has really hit an extreme. The following bullet list has occurred over the past week:

*I flushed the toilet and it immediately began to overflow in the bathroom floor. So I plunged my arm into the toilet, elbow deep in my own pee, and pulled out a clump of about ten wipes that he had tried to flush five minutes earlier.

*I went upstairs to put up some laundry. When I came back down Owsley had gotten out a carrot smoothie and tried to pour it into a cup with a tiny hole at the top, resulting in a colorful, sticky coating all over the kitchen floor.

*One day Owsley locked the bathroom while he was in there. By the time I grabbed the key to unlock it from the outside, he had poured out all the brand new soap, refilled it with water and was drinking from it.

*Another time he dumped out all my new lotion into the toilet. That was when I decided that he was no longer allowed to go to the bathroom alone. One day as he was washing his hands, my phone started ringing, so I ran to get it. A minute later the bathroom was covered in so much foamy soap that it looked like snow.

*One evening the four of us were in the living room and I noticed Owsley kept giving me side glances. He had hidden a pair of children scissors under his shirt and was cutting through a computer cord.

*Grocery shopping one day, Owsley was sitting in the back of the cart singing to himself. An older man stops next to us in his motorized wheelchair and out of nowhere Owsley jumps up, leans over directly in the man's face and sings, "AND FARTS WILL SMELL LIKE FARTS!!"

*Owsley is also somewhat of a nudist. He can strip down in less than ten seconds. One morning he wore nothing but a furby hat. And he has tried to poop in the backyard more than once. He is also a gymnast and a mountain climber. He is constantly doing flips off of everything, and he can think of the most creative ways to climb onto things that are purposely kept out of his reach.

So like I said, life with Owsley is interesting. I never know what crazy thing to expect. Whenever he is caught in the act, his reasoning is, "You weren't watching me, so I did it." I told him how good he was on a long car ride one day, and he responded with, "Thank you. Next time I promise to be so mean for you!"

The worst part? He's just like me.

EDITED TO ADD: I watched our neighbor's daughter for a couple hours after school this afternoon. They played in the dirt and got super dirty. When she left I sent Gage straight to the shower and I went to my room to take off my bra. When I returned to Gage's bathroom Owsley was standing inside the toilet. Because Gage told him to. At times I really think my kids are out to get me. Thank you Lord, for the abundance of patience you have thrown my way lately.


Carolynn Markey said...

Yes I AM interested in spring fashion week! yay yay yay yay!

also: many lols. many, many.

Rachel said...

I would probably be interested in Spring Fashion week....I just really hope that Spring is actually coming!! :)
And Owsley never fails to be hilarious!

Natalie said...

Really wish I had not been eating when I read that first bullet point.

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Langdon makes messes in the bathroom all the time too. We've starting sitting the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the bathroom because he's terrified of it. It keeps him out 100% of the time!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Owsley and Evan sound like they could take over the world, one naked adventure after the next! It must be something with being the second? I don't know, but there are a lot of similarities!

YES! For SFW! I'm so glad you're thinking of doing it! ;)

Samantha said...

I have Spring Fashion Week interest.

Judy Conn said...

I might be interested in Spring Fashion Week... Although I suppose that means that I have to wear something other than pajamas or sweat pants... Sad, but true fact lately.

Amanda Lynn said...

I totally would love to do spring fashion week! I apologize and will write about Frank. My life got really messily hectic and not in the good way.

I did buy a lot of cute spring clothing and would love to show those puppies off! Even though we are barely getting spring weather!

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